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The Foundation for a Mindful Society is energizing to meet a new set of challenges.

The Foundation for a Mindful Society is energizing to meet a new set of challenges.

We’re back! We are pleased and excited to let you know that the Board of Directors has reaffirmed its commitment to continuing our mission: helping integrate mindfulness and compassion into society in enduring and beneficial ways. The need for this work is greater than ever, and it is evolving.

At the time of the Foundation’s launch in 2011 many told us that our mission was unrealistic. But, due to the work of many dedicated field leaders and internal champions, we’ve reached the point in just 10 short years where mindfulness is like water: it’s everywhere, it’s sustaining life, and now we have to think about caring for it and using it wisely.

The first phase to fulfill our mission was through the publication of Mindful magazine and In July of 2020, the Foundation transferred our media assets to a for-profit company which enabled Mindful to bring its benefit to many more people. 

The next phase of the Foundation’s work will focus on addressing new challenges. With mindfulness becoming so widespread, with the plethora of apps and ‘experts,’ with millions in investment and the billion dollar valuations, the job of caring for and wisely using mindfulness practices comes into sharp focus. 

Now the Foundation for a Mindful Society is re-dedicating our efforts to supporting initiatives, practices, and teachers whose work will bring accessible mindfulness practices to a more diverse array of communities in ways that will ensure quality, depth, and enduring benefit.